May 22, 2018

Explore Our Stretchiest Knee Highs for All Sizes

If you’re in the market for fun and funky knee high socks, you’ve got to check out our special collection of extra stretchy styles. We happily carry two different brands of knee highs that are specifically designed to look great on all sizes of legs, and of course they’re packed with fantastic patterns, just like all of our socks.

All of these styles fit perfectly for women with slender legs, but they can also stretch for:

  • Women with wider calves
  • Women with very muscular legs
  • Women who prefer a stretchier fit that can often work over leggings or skinny pants
  • Some men who want to rock knee high socks, as long as their shoe size isn’t too large

Take a look at these two brands to learn more about how they might work for you.

Sock It to Me Knee Highs

Sock It to Me has long been a favorite brand of our shoppers thanks to its bold, quirky patterns, but we also love the company’s commitment to accommodating plus size shoppers and others who want a stretchier fit. In 2015, Sock It to Me started making extra stretchy “wide calf” knee high socks designed with a higher thread count so that their patterns aren’t distorted when they stretch out. This means they look bold and beautiful on all sizes of legs, up to a 21-inch circumference.

ModSocks Knee Highs

We also carry a large selection of tall socks from ModSocks, a brand that makes richly detailed patterns that we completely adore, from lovely florals to naughty honey badgers! What’s more, the brand’s knee highs have a very accommodating fit. Although they are not advertised as “wide calf” knee highs, per se, the company does test them on a large range of real legs during the design process, ensuring they fit real people of many sizes. We sock fairies have found through personal experience that ModSocks knee highs stretch quite well, particularly those that have less complex patterns.

Knee high socks are one of our favorite ways to add a major dose of bold creativity to your look, and we believe that should go for everyone, regardless of her shape or size.

If you’re in the market for wide calf knee highs and are curious about which pairs might work best for you, the sock fairies are here to help! We encourage you to give us a call at (805) 786-4375, Ext. 2, or shoot us an email at We would be happy to make personalized recommendations based on our own experience with these awesome socks!